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49 entries.
Natalia Natalia
I am thankful for my mom being able to spend the day out and eat out without a scarf on her head, without feeling nauseous, or exhausted.
Peter Peter
I'm thankful that my mother's birthday is very close... I'm really glad she's gonna live to be 50
Marrisa Marrisa
I love the cool fall nights!
Georgia lilo Georgia lilo
I thankful for everyday I get to spend with my mum even though some of those day we don't talk cause we fight a lot I'm still thankful to be with her and have her because she is amazing
Michael Michael
Today I am thankful for my father's 8 month followup that shows no return.
Anna Anna
I am thankful for a mom who is really willing to fight so hard and be a GREAT mom 🙂
Becka Becka
I am thankful that SPRING is almost here!
Joe Joe
I am thankful for the NEW YEAR!
Michael Michael
So many memories this holiday season.
Christine Christine
I am thankful to have had and still have the best father. I am thankful for having such a supportive boyfriend.
Cindy Cindy
I am thankful for the holidays and family!
Nicole Nicole
I have an eight year old cousin that was diagnosed with cancer once already and made it through the first time and has gotten diagnosed with the same cancer again, but it spread to a different spot this time. He is like my best friend and i would not know what to do if he past away.
Franklin Franklin
Today was a great day for me!
Thanks to all Veterans on this special day, especially my Uncle Joe
lacy lacy
I'm thankful for my bff 🙂
tiffany :) tiffany 🙂
...For the time I had with my Grandma! And knowing I'm not alone!(':
sapsalot sapsalot
...live life as best u can cause u dont know when your time is going to come
Kyle Kyle
...Good friends who are there to listen!
emmy emmy
emmy poo emmy poo