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Anonymous Anonymous from Winnipeg
Umm, hi everyone. I’m new to this site and I hope all of your family members/friends or if you have cancer (or are a family member/friend of someone with cancer), I hope you are all doing well. I found out last year that my dad had stage four esophageal cancer and it was a lot to deal with especially with the pandemic. Sometimes when I’m at home I do not want to be here because it’s like that’s where my sick dad is and scary and sometimes he just looks so sick. When I go out it’s like I want to be at home because my dad is sick. Even almost a full year into this I still have the realization that he has cancer. One thing that made it worse is my own knowledge of science so I understand a lot of what people say even though they think I might not. And I was at an appointment and I told person I was seeing about my dads situation and I guess the receptionists heard. When I came out of my appointment the receptionist were talking about how they knew cancer doctors and had a family friend who had the same type of cancer my dad does and they were talking about the survival rate and it’s quite low and they didn’t realize that I was standing right there. Hearing everything’s they had to say about cancer and it made me look up the stats because I wanted to prove what they said wrong but I found exactly what they had said and it is a haunting thought I have now.
Jane doe Jane doe from middletown
I found out my Uncle had cancer through accidently seeing a text that was sent to my mom. I dont want my real name up since Im not supposed to know. It scares me knowing he has this disease, but knowing my uncle, Im sure he can fight this off.
Jessica Jessica
Hi, my mom has had different types of cancer for over 10 years and throughout the years I've gotten used to her having cancer and receiving chemotherapy. She is the strongest woman I know and always gives her best to me and my siblings. However, these last few months have been rough and she has not been feeling well. I know she has cancer but due to her active life, I sometimes forget that she is sick. So when I start to think about and read about advanced stage lung cancer I can't help but cry. I don't know how to deal with the fear of her leaving me. She is my best friend and I always do my best to make her proud. I am grateful because she's still here with me and she was able to attend my graduation. I like to believe that everything will be okay and that everything happens for a reason.
Kristina Kristina from Philadelphia
I am grateful to have a mom, who is so much stronger than anything thrown her way. And I am grateful for God, who has showed my family and I so much love and mercy time and time again.
Emma Emma
My grandpa has had prostate cancer for over 10 years. The cancer has spread throughout his body and is in his bones. To many this may sound like it would be one of the worst things to happen, but to my grandpa, he carries on like he's completely healthy. His positive attitude inspires me to always look at the positive side of things. Even after his long radiation treatments, he stays alert and positive. He goes with the flow which makes this whole situation easier for my whole family. My grandpa is my hero.
Norah Norah
I'm thankful that we are updating the Cancer Really Sucks site to be more user friendly! -Gems of Hope
Zuri Zuri
I'm thankful that my mom will get to see me graduate 8th grade next week.
Shelby Shelby
On 4/22/14, I learned that my dad was diagnosed with mesothelioma. And its a stage 5 cancer. We don't know if he'll fight it enough to survive. But me and my mom will help him through this. We want to spend as much time with him as we can. I just hope he can win the fight.
Aminah Aminah
I am thankful to have such a great family and a really strong mom.
Lilly Lilly
Even though my grandpa may die, I'm thankful he's Christian and that he's had a full life. And if he does go, it to a better place, right 🙂
Natalia Natalia
I am thankful for my mom being able to spend the day out and eat out without a scarf on her head, without feeling nauseous, or exhausted.
Peter Peter
I'm thankful that my mother's birthday is very close... I'm really glad she's gonna live to be 50
Marrisa Marrisa
I love the cool fall nights!
Georgia lilo Georgia lilo
I thankful for everyday I get to spend with my mum even though some of those day we don't talk cause we fight a lot I'm still thankful to be with her and have her because she is amazing
Michael Michael
Today I am thankful for my father's 8 month followup that shows no return.
Anna Anna
I am thankful for a mom who is really willing to fight so hard and be a GREAT mom 🙂
Becka Becka
I am thankful that SPRING is almost here!
Joe Joe
I am thankful for the NEW YEAR!
Michael Michael
So many memories this holiday season.
Christine Christine
I am thankful to have had and still have the best father. I am thankful for having such a supportive boyfriend.