Gems of Hope scholarship winners

The Gems of Hope Board of Directors is proud to announce the winners of the 2014 Gems of Hope Scholarship.  This scholarship was created by the board of directors as an opportunity for up to eight graduating seniors who have personally been affected by their own cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of an immediate family member.  Our winners were chosen based on the criteria and level of demonstrated need.  Each winner is receiving $500 to be used to further their education after high school.

Taylor Arens – Belle Plaine High School
Nicholas Benson – Prairie High School
Tristan Beyer – Prairie High School
Connor Drahos – Prairie High School
Chloe Streif – Xavier High School
Caitlyn Swenson – Linn Mar High School

Gems of Hope is the parent non-profit of CancerReallySucks.

Having a paw to hold may help fight cancer

You’ve always heard it said that people with pets are healthier but a new study is taking a closer look and seeing if it is fact. Researchers are launching the first clinical trial of the effects of animal-assisted therapy on young cancer patients and their families.

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Healing cancer through songwriting

Marykathryn Sullivant’s was at a routine dentist appointment when an X-ray revealed a rare tumor in her jaw. At 18 college was put on hold and then Carry On Records stepped in offering her the chance of a lifetime… A record deal.

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Health concerns over e-cigarettes

Do you or someone you know use e-cigarettes? Do you think they are better than cigarettes? Many see them as safe when compared to tobacco products but a recent article presents evidence to the contrary.  It also points to marketing campaigns that are targeting teens and non-smokers to e-cigarettes because they do not fall under the tobacco laws.

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Learning from miracles

When someone is told they have cancer they, and everyone around them, hope for a miracle. When that miracle comes it leads to hope for others. Now it may also lead to new discoveries as scientist begin studying the DNA of these miracles to find out what helped them beat cancer.

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