The Wall

Join other teens who are dealing with situations similar to you! Share your thoughts, feelings, gratitude, fears, or whatever else is on your mind! It’s tough to describe how you feel when you don’t feel well, or even worse, when you or someone you love is diagnosed and struggling with cancer. You’re not alone. 


Music can inspire, calm, and heal. Music comes in all forms that you can watch or listen to, we hope you enjoy the list of songs listed. We have a variety of genres and moods to select from that is linked to our Spotify account. Also, we invite you to recommend your favorite tracks to share with others.


The following sites can provide you with more ways to deal with cancer and supply those you love with information. The wide variety of references will take you to recommended websites, podcasts, support groups and social media channels for additional support. Take care of yourself and discover your needs during this struggle!

Looking for additional support?

We are here to help support you and find ways to cope, please contact us today!